Paint a Picture with Your Words … But Not that Picture

At the end of the day, litigators (trial and appellate) are in the communications business.  We must get a point across to our audience and win them over to our point of view.  Writing instructors say to “tell a story” or to “paint a picture with your words.”  But, please be careful with the picture you paint!

Reuters has a story on the Business of Blogging:  How to Make it Work, in which it quotes a “branding expert” as noting that a successful blog “kind of opens the kimono and from a brand point of view lets people know who you are.”  That certainly conjures up a picture — but not one I particularly want to see! 

Thanks to Eugene Volokh over at Volokh Conspiracy for the pointer, and special thanks for him also promisng to keep his kimono closed.

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